The church girl

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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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The church girl 

I do not know if this story really happened, but here in Mexico is much played this story: 
Being a night like any other, but especially, this was a night a little colder,darker, around 1 am, a taxi driver on his way home after a day of hard work on the street and not people had no soul, but he passed the general cemetery of the city realized that a girl did stop, itcontinued to believe that he was very tired and it was too late to make another left. 

But he thought and thinking about his 17 year old niece was raped and murdered 3 years ago, said, "Poor girl, I cannot let there not be exposed to what miserable." 

He backed his cab and came to her, had approximately 18 to 19 years. Looking at his face, the driver felt very cold and some shock, which gave noimportance, for she was the owner of an angelic face, inspired pure white skin, very white, very long hair, was thin, factions thin, with large eyes are blue, but infinitely sad, had a white dress,lace, and his neck hung a beautiful gold locket that looked vintage. 

The taxi driver asked where heartbroken left her, and said he wanted to take her to visit 7 churches of the city, which he wanted,his voice was soft, very sad, but left notice a strange timbre, which left a sense of fear and mystery. 

Not to make it long, the driver took her to each of the seven churches without reply, eachspent about 3 minutes and left with an expression of serenity, tranquility, but without abandoning their eyes that look of infinite sadness. 

At the end of the ride, she asked a favor. "Excuse me ifI abused a lot of his goodness, my name is Alicia, I have no money to pay now, but I'll leave this shrine, and could do me one last favor? Go to the colony Jazmines That's my father, give him mylocket and ask you to pay your service, oh, and tell him I love him and do not forget me. Let me where I picked up please. " 

The driver felt like a trance, where he acted automatically to the...
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