The cientific advances related to the homosexuality

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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The cientific advances related to the homosexuality

First of all I am going to talk about an specific case of two identical twins born in Virginia in 1988, one of them was heterosexual and theother was homosexual, then explain the theory of a group of scientists fronm United Stades who worked on genetical explanations of homosexuality and how their work helped in better understanding of it,and finally I’ll give a conclusion.

In Usa there is a group of scientists that have been making an investigation about the origin of homosexuality and how this sexual orientation may bedeterminated biologically rather than by choice. To analize it they used a specific case in their country, two identical twins that were raised together( went to the same school , shared the same friends,etc) and had a similar phenotype (they look verry similar) but by the time a big difference appeared: one of them was gay and the other straight. This made the doctors investigate if people are borngay or it becomes a personal choice. Normally, in the case that one identical twin is gay there is a lot of probability that the other brother is going to be gay too because they are sharing the sameidentical DNA, but in this case the things were different.

There are other factors that deffine the sexual orientation, and they can’t be just environmental issues. In this investigation theyfound that the testosteron that
is a "guy" hormone that control many of the body actions and also the brain including the hypothalamus, which is a little part of the brain and have in one of it'sfunction controls the sexual atracction. If there is more testosteron in the body there is a sexual interesting in women and if there is less it causes a desire for men. But how can one of the brothers begay and the other be straight?, these scientifics explain that in the DNA code there is a specific protein call "the Epigenetic", this protein is cappable of activating or deactivating individual...
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