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Mark Sway,
He is a very intelligent and smart boy of only eleven years old. He knows quite well how to handle the situation although he is very scared but that is normal. I think it is very smart the way that he took his lawyer Reggie to Clifford's garage but also the way that he escaped from prison.
For his age he knows a lot about life, but hehas also seen many films to which he refers in real life.
He started smoking when he was nine, and now he is even showing his little brother who is eight.
Just as in chapter 4 is explained, `Mark was a thinker and a worrier'.

Ricky Sway,
Ricky is Mark's brother, who is eight years old. He is still a very delicate boy who hasn't seen as many films as his brother. He gets in shock afterseeing a suicide, and we don't know much about him as he is all the time asleep, and when he is awake he won't talk.

Dianne Sway,
Dianne is the mother of both boys, and on her own she needs to educate her children because five years ago her husband left them. We know that the boys are happy about that because it seems that their father was always very violent and drunk.
Dianne lives with herfamily in a trailer in a trailer park. She is very sad as her youngest son is in hospital.

Reggie Love,
Reggie love is a female lawyer who has been a lawyer for five years. Her real name was actually Regina but a few years ago she got separated from her husband who was a doctor and he changed her name to Reggie. The FBI found out that she started drinking and taking drugs and her children weretaken away from her by her ex-husband.
She is a bit of an unusual lawyer as she accepts to take Mark's case for only one dollar.

Barry Muldanno,
Or simple The Blade as he liked to be called, wore shiny suits and a lot of gold. Barry enjoyed a fast life, and liked people to be afraid of him.'
Barry Muldanno is a Mafia member who is accused of killing a senator. He is a very cold blooded manbecause he even sends a murderer to do something to Mark as he knows more about the case.
He likes to kill because when he sent Gronke to threaten Mark he was a bit disappointed that he couldn't harm him more and so he opposed to hurt his family. Luckily the Gronke wasn't in the `mood'.

Roy Foltrigg,
Foltrigg is a US government lawyer whose job is to prove that Barry Muldanno killed the senator.He tries everything to make Mark talk and at the end he proposes to take Mark to court in New Orleans where he was sure that they could make him talk.

Slick Moeller,
He is a crime reporter who works on the Memphis Press. His real name is actually Alfred but nobody knows about it. He never names a person who trusted him with information and he knows everything about every crime committed, evenbefore the cops.


Mark: Él es un niño muy inteligente y elegante de sólo once años de edad. Él sabe muy bien cómo manejar la situación, aunque está muy asustada, pero eso es normal. Creo que es muy inteligente la forma en que llevóa su abogado para que Reggie garaje Clifford, sino también la forma en que escapó de la prisión.
Para su edad sabe mucho sobre la vida, pero también ha visto muchas películas a las que se refiere en la vida real.
Empezó a fumar cuando tenía nueve años, y ahora incluso está mostrando su hermano pequeño, que es de ocho.
Al igual que en el capítulo 4 se explica, «Mark fue un pensador y unangustiado.

Ricky: Ricky es el hermano de Marcos, quien tiene ocho años de edad. Todavía es un niño muy delicado que no ha visto en muchas películas, como su hermano. Se pone en estado de shock después de ver un suicidio, y no sabemos mucho acerca de él como él está todo el tiempo dormido, y cuando él está despierto, no quiere hablar.

Dianne: Dianne es la madre de dos niños, y por su cuenta que...