The client

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CHAPTER 3, 4, 5 & 6
Chapter 3

1. What do we learn about the early white inhabitants of Sydney?

- Two centuries ago on 26 January 1788, 11 British ships arrived in port. The people onboard had survived storms, hunger and disease. The ships were filled with English convicts. They were thousands of miles away from their homes and they knew that but some of the convicts finishedtheir prison sentences and became rich. They were the fathers of our nation.

2. Why were only the minor criminals sent to Sydney and not the murderers?

- were poor criminals

3. Who livedin Australia before the arrival of the English and how were they treated?

- Drunks and prostitutes

4. What was The Rocks known for in the 19th century and what happened to it in the end?- Peter lives in New Zealand

Chapter 4

1. Where did Becky want to take Daniel and where does the place get its name from?

- Plans to take the Blue Mountains

2. How didthe three sisters become rocks?

- Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo

Chapter 5

1. Where did Guy take Daniel and why was Daniel amazed?

- He saw that Guy was very nice.
2. Howdid Daniel feel when he saw the humpback whale and what did he learn about whales?

- Is excited and says it is beautiful and fantastic

3. What was Daniel’s routine when he was stayingat Seal Rocks?

- Every morning he got up and went by bicycle to a nearby beach.
Saw dolphins and seals and then went swimming, then went home for a great breakfast and helped aman working at home for the day.
Chapter 6

1. Who is Ananda and why did he need Daniel’s help?

- There were lost of young people with backpacks and surfboards on the bus.

2. Whatwas surprising about the girl who was swimming?

3. Where did Daniel and Emily go and what did he like about the place?
I don’t know

4. How did Daniel and Emily spend their last day...
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