The client

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The Client is a book written by John Grisham which tells us a story about two young brothers who are witnesses of a suicide. Not only have they seen the man murder himself but the oldest brother called Mark, has been talking to him in the car before.

The man who committed suicide is a Mafia lawyer called Jerome Clifford who was defending Barry Muldanno alias The Blade. Hisclient was convicted for having killed a senator but they didn’t have any evidence because they couldn’t find the body. His trial would be in four weeks but as they couldn’t prove anything Barry Muldanno wasn’t worried about his sentence.
Barry Muldanno had told his lawyer Clifford that the senator’s body had been hidden in his garage. Clifford is very afraid of Muldanno, he knows that his clienttogether with the other Mafia members have got lot of power. He therefore wanted to commit suicide so that he wouldn’t be involved anymore in this case. Unfortunately for him, Mark and his brother Ricky see him trying to gas himself inside the car, and Mark, being a very brave boy, takes out the tube of the tail pipe of the car, but the second time he does it he gets caught. Clifford takes himinto his car and starts talking with him. He explains him the whole story and ends by saying that now Mark and he will die together… Mark smells the gas already but when he looks in the mirror he sees that Ricky is taking out the tube just the same way as Mark did. When Clifford is asleep, due to the alcohol and the gas, he manages to get out of the car and together with his brother he hides in thegrass.
A few seconds later, Clifford gets out of the car, very angry looking and shouting for Mark. As he can’t find him, he puts his gun in his mouth and shoots…

Ricky is in hospital. He is in shock which is caused by the terrible thing he saw. The doctors can’t find an explanation for his case but they don’t know what has really happened.
Just after what they saw, Mark called the policebut he didn’t give his name, and now the FBI is in the hospital wanting to talk to Mark. He doesn’t want to in the beginning but later on he has to. He doesn’t explain them everything because he is afraid that if the Mafia will find out what he knows, he will get into trouble. He manages to get himself and his family a lawyer, Reggie Love, who has a bit of an extraordinary name as she is a woman.The FBI knows that Mark isn’t telling them every detail due to the fingerprints found in Clifford’s car and they pressure him to tell them.
Reggie feels sorry for him but she can’t allow him to lie in court. When Gronke appears, Mark is even more petrified. He is being threatened by him with a knife not to tell anyone what he knows because his mother and his brother will then get into trouble.He is being put in prison, because he doesn’t want to talk and like this he is being protected at the same time. When after a few days he still doesn’t want to talk in court in front of Judge Roosevelt he is brought back to his cell. He manages to escape and get into contact with Reggie. He tells her to drive to New Orleans. Once having arrived there they go to Clifford’s house. When they arehiding in the grass they see light in the garage. Mark walks to it and through a window he sees that it is Barry the Blade who is digging up the body. Reggie gets an idea, and she throws a stone through the next door’s window causing the alarm to go off. When everything is silent again they enter the garage and they find the senator’s body in a plastic bag.

Once being back again in Memphis, Markand his family are waiting for the FBI jet to arrive which will take them to another place, now that they have accepted the Witness Protection Programme. Ricky will be treated in another hospital and the family will be protected. Mark and Reggie are both sad because they know that they will never see each other again.
As all three of them leave on the plane, Reggie tells the FBI everything...
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