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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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The book’s author is John Grisham. He is one of the most popular American authors. He has sold more than sixty million copies of his books worldwide. Since 1991, he has written a book ayear. The Client is a thriller set in the southern United States.
The protagonist of the book is Mark Sway, he’s eleven years old. He has dangerous information which interest a lot of differentpeople, he finds himself caught between the interests of the law and the Mafia.

I will describe Mark Sway as he is the main character. His mother, Diane, left his father because he was drunk andviolent. They don’t have much money and they live in a poor part of town. Mark has to act as a father to his younger brother. It’s the reason why he has been forced to grow up too quickly.

The bookrevolves around this question: Should Mark tell a lie and save himself, or should he give to FBI the information they want and put himself and his family in danger from the mafia?

He is anintelligent boy; he thinks what he does before acting, for he has lived a childhood complicated, he is a conscientious boy. Despite being a conscientious child he asks for help in many occasions, he has to facedifficult choices between right and wrong. Even so, at the end of the book, he takes a very important decision in short time and without consulting anyone, in this moment he is being very impulsiveand self-confident.

He doesn’t say the whole truth or his mother or hospital’s doctor or the police. He wasn’t lying; simply he was hiding information, otherwise her life could be in danger. He isvery optimistic; at no time he thinks the problem hasn’t solution. He tries to do all possible to pulling trough.

In addition, he is well-balanced; he doesn’t lose the control himself. He knowsthat he can’t do it alone, he needs help; he doesn’t know what is best to do, so he goes out and try to get support. That’s way he is a bright boy, he knows yours possibilities.

In my opinion it’s...
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