The climate change

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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The climate change
The climate change is the change in the temperature of a zone or all the earth. This happen in many years and this could be anthropogenic or natural. The causes of theclimate change are variations in solar radiation, deviations in the Earth's orbit, mountain-building and continental drift, and changes in greenhouse gas concentrations. Another cause could be thetectonic plates moves this affect both global and local patterns of climate and atmosphere-ocean circulation.
The most important reason why the climate is changing are the human influences,this is an anthropogenic change. The increase in CO2 levels is one of the main reasons why the climate changes.
The aerosols, deforestation, and the use of fossil fuels makes that the climatechange become more drastic.
The consequences of this climate change are the loss of animals and plants, the floods, hurricanes and so much more.
The climate change affects to all of us so wehave to change our life style with little actions that can reduce the excess of Co2 and reduce the greenhouse gases can stop the climate change.
My opinion
I think that all of us have to takecare and try to stop the climate change we can do small actions to help like: not use aerosol, walk more and use the car less, recycle, change the regular light bulbs, save water, eat lessmeat and so much more actions.

If everyone do one of this actions the climate change could stop affect our world. The main reason of the climate change is the human and all the wrong actionsthat we do. If the climate change wins our home, the earth can't be a healthy place to live and we don't have another place to live so we need to help.
There are many groups, like Greenpeace,the purpose of this groups is helping to stop the consequences of human actions on the environment, but maybe we don't need to be part of a group we just need to do actions to help our world.
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