The code of chivalry

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The Code of Chivalry
There was not an authentic Medieval Code of Chivalry as such - it was a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct -qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women. The Medieval Code of Chivalry was understood by all but a Code of Chivalry was documented in 'The Song ofRoland' in the early Medieval period of William the Conqueror. The 'Song of Roland' describes the 8th century Knights and battles of the Emperor Charlemagne and has been described as Charlemagne's Codeof Chivalry. The idea of the Code of Chivalry were emphasized by the oaths that were sworn in Knighthood ceremonies. These sacred oaths were combined with the ideals of chivalry and with strict rulesof etiquette and conduct. The idea and ideals of a Medieval Code of Chivalry was publicized in the poems, ballads, writings and literary works of Medieval authors. The myths of Arthurian Legendsfeaturing King Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table further strengthen the idea of a Medieval Code of Chivalry. The Arthurian legend revolves around the Code of Chivalry followed by theKnights of the Round Table - Honor, Honesty, Valor and Loyalty.

The early Middle Ages had been a chaotic time in Europe. However, the 11th century began a long period ofrenewed stability. Commerce and trade revived, and new towns and cities sprang up throughout the continent. In this comparatively peaceful climate, the Church tried to curb the warlike spirit of thefeudal nobility.

In the 11th century, for instance, Church councils met throughout Europe and adopted the programs known as the Peace of God and the Truce of God. The Peace of God forbade knights fromattacking peasants, women, priests, and merchants, while the Truce of God prohibited battle on Sundays and holy days. Although the Church lacked the power to enforce them, the Peace of God and the...
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