The count of monte cristo (resumen en ingles)

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This is the story of Edmond Dantes and his friend, Fernand Mondego, who were officers of a ship on their way to Elba looking for medical attention for their captain who was very ill at the moment.Dantes and Mondego were chased by English officers who thought they are spies of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon happened to arrive at that moment and let them know that they were not his agents. Afterclearing out the situation, Napoleon asked Dantes to give a letter to a friend in France and not let anybody know about that letter. While this was happening, Mondego was spying on their conversation.When the captain died that night, they were sent back home. At Marseilles, the shipping company's boss Morrell rewarded Dantes' bravery, promoting him over Danglars, who was the first officer of theship. Meanwhile, Mondego went off to see Dantes' fiancée Mercedes and unsuccessfully tried to seduce her. Mondego had strong feelings for Mercedes, but was never able to successfully court her. WhenMondego heard of Dantes' promotion, he realized that Dantes would be able to marry Mercedes sooner than they had planned.
Mondego got drunk and told Danglars about the letter Napoleon gave Dantes.Danglars had Dantes charged with treason and sent to magistrate J.F. Villefort. Villefort was sure that Dantes was innocent, but discovered that the letter was addressed for his father, Clarion. Villefortburned the letter and had Dantes arrested. He escaped briefly and went to Mondego’s for help but Mondego turned on him because of jealousy due to the fact that he was named captain of their ship andhe had a beautiful fiancée. Dantes was re-arrested and imprisoned in the Château d'If, which was a prison island.
In prison, Dantes met a priest named Abbe, who had been imprisoned because heclaimed not to know the location of Count Spada's treasure, even though he really did know. For fifteen years the priest educated Dantes, teaching him mathematics, literature, and sword fighting. While...
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