The crystallization

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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The Crystallization

By: Jann Figueroa & Leigh Cefalo

I Think Its possible To KeepWater In A Liquid While Its In Its Freezing Point?(Depending On The Thickness Of The Cup)

1.Get All Materials.2.Get Bowl And Fill It To A Little Bit More Than The Height Of Your Cup.
3.Put Cup In Bowl Till It Reaches The Bottom.
4.Get The Water And Pour It InMake Sure Its Not Higher Than The Ice.
5.Put Salt On Top Of The Ice (Cover Till You Get A Nice Coat Not To Much)The Salt Causes
6.Set The Timer For 10 20or 30 Min Depending How Much Water, Ice & , Cup Thickness
7.When Times Over Take Out Cup Very Carefully It Might Slip Out Your Hands Since Its Cold GetA Small Peace Of Ice And Drop It In The Cup And See The Liquid Crystallize Before Your Eyes
8.!!!!!!!P.S. Super cooling water will let you keep water init's liquid form below 32 degrees F .The only way to pull it off is to use very, very pure water. I suggest distilled water or purified water than has beenfiltered. This will make sure you removed all of the impurities and minerals from the water and keep it from freezing over prematurely.!!!!!!Materials
1.Purified Water(Only)
2.Bowl(Size Optional)
3.Cup (Optional)
4.Salt(Brand Optional)
5.Paper Towels (Optional)
6.Ice(Crushed Works A LittleBit Better)

My hypothesis was correct you can keep water in a liquid while in its freezing point.
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