The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

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This book, written by Mark Haddon, tells the story of a motherless fifteen-year-old boy who suffers Asperger. One night he discovers the corpse of her neighbour’s dog and thereafter he decides toinvest who’s its killer. But what other mysteries will he end up uncovering?

When Christopher tells his teacher the incident of the dog, she proposes him to write a book about the murder and hisinvestigation. He stars asking to all his neighbours, however he only get a few clues. Some days after, his father finds casually Christopher’s work. They start to fight because Father is worried about hisson and doesn’t want him to investigate. The argument ends with Father throwing the book. So that, one afternoon Christopher was looking for it and finds out several letters from his mother addressedto him. He asked to his father about them and he explained everything and also said that he was the one who killed Wellington, the dog whose murder Christopher was investigating in. Finally, theyoung man, scared stiff, runs away in an adventure so as to find his mother. He had serious problems in the way to London but at the end of the novel he gets it and moves there.

The main character isChristopher. He is the definition of struggle, everything that he proposes, he successes. He has a great capacity of observation, and also he’s good at maths (he’s going to get the A level)nevertheless, it makes impossible to him to understand people’s feelings and in the same way, he can’t lie at all. Because of having Asperger Christopher can’t bear to be touched by anyone or be in a place withlots of people like when he was in the metro. The character is very rich in his own description, accounting for obsessions such as not tolerating eating food with different colour if they aretouching themselves or his dislike to the yellow and brown colour. Other character is the father, he understands quite well with his son, accept his obsessions, although when sometimes he gets angry and...
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