The curse of the mummy

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Chapters 1-3
to move the heavy stones. That is hard work.
Tariq dreamt he saw Anne in the desert. She was sad. There was a mummy coming out of the sand, next to Anne. Tariq shouted “Anne” and Anne shouted “Help me , Tariq”
They moved the last stone and they found another door. This door had seals but the seals were not broken. Mr Carter and Carnarvon were very happy. Carnarvon said that theycouldn’t open the door if the important Egyptian people weren’t there.
Lord Carnarvon and Mr Carter decide to make a hole on the door to see what is behind the door. Mr Carter was golden statues. They agree that at night, they were going to open the door with Tariq’s dad.
At night, Carnarvon, his daughter, Carter and Tariq go into the tomb and they find the golden statues. Tariq sees the statueof a girl, Mr Carter is in the Valley of the Kings because he’s looking for Tutankhamen’s tomb. Carnarvon gives him the money for the search.
The weather is very hot in the afternoon and very cold at night.
Tariq is writing a diary because the diary is his only friend. He thinks that , in the future, people maybe are going to want to read the dairy.
Mr Carter was looking for the tomb for fiveyears and he has only one year more. He went to Engand to see Carnarvon. Carnarvon told him that he has money for one more year only and he gave Carter a little yellow bird. The bird is going to help them.
Tariq’s father is an artist, he works in a museum in Cairo. He met Carter there.
Tutankhamun was a king at the age of nine. He dies at the age of eighteen.
Tariq starts working when the suncomes up and stops at twelve o’clock because it’s extremely hot. They stop to eat and sleep. Then, he goes to work again until it gets dark. When they eat, they don’t talk because they are very tired.
When Tariq works, he thinks in Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen lived with his brothers and sisters. He married Ankhesenamun. Some people think that Tutankhamen didn’t have a tom but Mr Carter said that tombswere very important for Egyptians and so, all kings had a tomb.
People go to the Valley of the Kings to see the open tomb, where there are mummies.
People in France are interested in Egypt. They are building Egyptians hotels, cinemas and restaurants.
How did Tariq and Anne meet?
She dropped a bracelet in the sand and Tariq helped her to find bracelet. She was there with Mr Ayrton, her teacher.Karim found a step in the sand so they started to dig, and they found four more steps.
Tariq has a secret. They found fifteen steps and a door. On the door, there are Egyptians seals. Mr Carter looked at it very carefully. He laughed because he was very happy. They all laughed. Then, Mr Carter said that he had to tell Lord Carnarvon about what they found.
Lord Carnarvon had to travel to Egyptby ship for two weeks. So, Carter, Tariq have to keep the secret for two weeks.
The snake killed the yellow little bird and Karim was ill and white when he heard about it. Karim thinks that Tutankhamen sent the snake to kill the bird.
Lord Carnarvon came to Egypt with his daughter. He’s not OK, he’s white and tired. He went to see the door and he finds that the seals are broken. He thinks thatthey are not the first people to find the tomb. Everyone is sad because the other people maye took the treasures.
Behind the door, there are stones. They havewho has Ann’s face.
They find another door but Tariq and Carnarvon’s daughter are sacred so only the other people go in. They find a golden wall. They think that Tutankamen’s body is behind the golden wall.
un mes después de mi visitanocturna a la tumba, nos abrió la puerta de la tumba, esta vez delante de todos.
Muchos egipcios importantes llegaron al Valle de los Reyes, con un montón de los periodistas y personas interesadas de todo el mundo.

Capítulo 1

¿dónde están los tesoros de thutankhamun?...
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