The day i made him lose his temper

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The day I made him lose his temper
By temper we mean a state of mind or emotion, actually when somebody has the tendency to become easily angry or irritable. It’s very easy to made someone losehis temper, we can see it happens everyday at school. Also, us , teenagers we have the facility to make our parents angry. As youngsters we are constantly looking towards how much the pacience of aperson lasts. Even we make our pairs change its state of mind.
I don’t really think, we know how irritating is for a person to be bothered so much that loses its temper. In fact, we lose our temper forvery silly things, and we actually don’t realize most of the times. Brothers and sisters , espcially younger, make us crazy, so much that we end the ‘game’ fighting. That is one of the causes we makeour parents angry at us.
After making someone lose his temper we can have several reactions. First of all, we can be scold and depending the person, we can actually end fighting each other. Also,at school if we don’t respect the Boometer , we can be told to do essays for homwork , I think if I am punished this way, I wouldn’t talk anymore in class.
When I’m bored I bother my brothers, andtalk in class, as I don’t have nothing more productive to do. Always, as I started provoking I always ‘lose the fight’. And actually who wants to lose a fight? I don’t know why I do it anyway, knowingI am doing things in a wrong way. After doing extra homework and being scold at home I continue doing the same stuff. But as I find rather complicate to do essays especially when the topic is toobroad, I will be thinking twice before taking in class. But at home I think I can deal with it.
But of course as I am very responsible and I am maturing day by day, I don’t make people lose theirtemper, anymore. There is only one exeption. I can molest friends of mine, every second. But actually they don’t lose their temper. I have so much fun doing it, and they actually too, so it’s very...
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