The dead of jericho

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Author: Colin Dexter Editorial: Oxford Bookworms Library Level: 5
* Central subject :
Inspector Morse tries to solve a crime which happened to a woman who he knew in aparty, but he need help to do it.
* Summary.
Inspector Morse meets Anne Scott at a party given to Mr. Murdoch, a friend of both. Morse receives a call from the officer and he has to leave theparty and Anne gives him her address and her telephone number. Morse don´t call her because he thinks that she is married.
Six months later he visits her .Morse enter to the house because the door wasunlocked. It is a light turn on upstairs but he don´t find her and go out of the house. He feels that somebody is watching him. Later, when he is a bar, he listens some sirens and goes to Anne’s house.She is hanged in the kitchen.
Bell is the inspector who is charge the case. He investigates and the jury's verdict at the inquest is death by suicide but Morse believes it was murder. Morsediscovers some things. Husband’s Anne had murder in an accident. George Jackson is a neighbor who spied on Anne and she gave German lessons to Edward Murdoch, the children of Mr. Murdoch. Also she had workedin a publish company which was managed by Richards Brothers and he had a relationship with one of them.
Charles Richards is blackmailed and he put the money in a telephone box. Then George Jackson iskilled. Morse is in charge of this crime and he has someone who helps him. This person is the sergeant Lewis. They try to discover how the two deaths are connected.
Morse and Lewis think thatCharles murdered Jackson but he was giving a talk in a club that day, so they think that Conrad Richards, Charles Richard’s, was the culprit. Lewis takes Charles’s fingerprints but they don’t match withprints found in George’s house.
Richard had received a blackmail note but George Jackson couldn’t read and write, so the note was written by other person. Morse discover the person who sent the note...
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