The death of karen silkwood (ingles)

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Karen Silkwood lived in Oklahoma, before 1972 she worked as a secretary but in this year she was tired of the work. Karen found a work in a nuclear factory, the pay was better so she was very happy.In the factory, Karen meets Susan that showed the work and the factory. Soon, they were friends. In the café Karen meets Drew. One day, the alarm sounded, the alarm sounds when a person had anyradioactive dust in his body, the unlucky person was Susan, some men take her and they go to the shower (where the people cleaned of the radioactive). After that Karen wanted to be on the Union Committee.All the women and a lot of men voted Karen and she was the first woman in this committee. She looked for any dangers in the factory and she wrote them in her notebook. Really the factory was verydangerous because there were a lot of radiation leaks. A month later the alarm sounded again but the contaminated was Karen. Since then she wrote more things in her notebook. In September 1974 the UnionCommittee had a meeting in Washington with the Union leaders to ask for help because the factory was getting worse. In the meeting Karen says: “The managers take photos of the fuel rods to revise thembut the photos aren’t true. In the photos the rods are good buy in the reality are not safe.” After de meeting a leader called Pete and Karen talked alone and agreed that Karen took the photos beforeand after the change. During October Karen took and saved the negatives in a brown envelope. Pete said to Karen: “When you give me the envelope, you meet an important man from the New York Times”. InNovember 7th Karen went to the shower again and the next day too. Some men went to the Karen’s house and took all the objects because they were contaminated; someone got into his bag somethingradioactive. She went at the home of her boyfriend, Drew, to sleep. This night Karen explained all to Drew, they don’t sleep. Karen lived with Paula, so Karen, Paula and Drew went to a clinic for had some...
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