The diary of a wimpy kid

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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
The book I decided to read talks about Greg Heffley a boy who spend the best or maybe the worst of his summer vacations.
Greg's worst summer ever beginning with Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson going to his father’s country club after school closes for the summer, but Greg is kicked out due to his complaining of the smallest of predicaments. The beach tripthat he was looking forward to is canceled due to lack of money, so the Heffleys resort to going to the town pool, which Greg hates because of its hairy and rotund visitors.
Later, Greg and Rowley have a sleepover together, and watch a horror movie obtained from Greg's older brother, Rodrick. After the movie, Greg and Rowley become scared of a muddy hand that might strangle them, which was in themovie. Unfortunately for Greg, his mother finds out about the movie after Greg's father told her when he found them sleeping in the bathroom, and starts a reading club in which he is the only participant after two days. The reading program, however, is put to a stop when Mr. Jefferson arrives with a huge $83 bill that Greg and Rowley spent on fruit smoothies at the country club, and he forces theboys to pay it off.
Greg and Rowley decide to do a lawn care service to pay the debt, but Mr. Jefferson only makes them one flyer for their business, after he tells them they can't use his computer. Their first customer is Mrs. Canfield, who lives on Greg's grandmother's street. Unfortunately, the job does not go well, as the boys never used a lawn mower before, all the gas leaks out of themower, and the instructions are in Spanish. When Greg tells Rowley he needs to do all the work while Greg counts the money, that made Rowley angry enough to quit. Greg mows Mrs. Canfield's lawn by himself, but she refuses to pay him because he didn't mow all of her lawn because of the dog poop on there.
Greg’s birthday soon arrives, but the gifts he receives are all gifts he hates, including a uselesscellphone that only calls home and 911. This is because Greg's parents believe that he, like his older brother Rodrick, will just rise the bill up if he gets a regular cellphone. Greg gets money in every card he receives, but Susan, his mother, confiscates it to pay off Mr. Jefferson. Uncle Joe’s dog, Killer, eats much of Greg’s cake, thus "ruining" his birthday. The following day, he and Rodrickboth get fish as a makeup gift, even though it wasn't Rodrick's birthday, which Greg dubbed as "unfair". However, when the family takes a trip to a water park, Rodrick's fish eats Greg's fish after Susan puts Rodrick's fish in the same bowl when Rodrick didn't feed the fish or clean the bowl once and was starting to feed off the algae growing on it.
The next day is Father's Day, so the Heffleysvisit Leisure Towers to spend the day with Greg's grandfather. There, Frank tells of how his dog, Nutty, ran away to a butterfly farm. Greg's grandfather reveals that he had actually run the dog over and Greg's father takes off in disgust and anger. He then buys a dog which Susan names "Sweetheart" and shortens to "Sweetie", even though the dog is actually male. Even though Greg has wanted a dogfor a long time, he quickly becomes annoyed at Sweetie, who naps on his pillow, sleeps on his bed, and "won't stop barking" at the TV, except for a commercial with gophers popping out of their holes.
Greg's mother keeps making Greg go to the town pool with her and Manny, which Greg agrees to only to hang out with Heather Hills, who is a lifeguard there. Greg tries to make a good impression to her,even though she barely pays any attention to him. One day, Greg decides to end the so-called "relationship" when he makes her clean a kid's vomit and was too sick to clean it himself after he had to save Manny from the naked shower people.
The Jeffersons later invite Greg to go to the beach with them, which is where Greg had wanted to go, but he realizes it was far from what he expected, where...
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