The dictator

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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tells the story of Aladeen Haffaz a man who governs a rich and isolated country from the age of six; age that I had when his father died that unfortunately died in a hunting accident,hit by 97 bullets and a hand grenade. Aladeen is able to execute anyone who disagrees with him, from the accedio to power the person always what is accompanied by his uncle Tamir who also is becamehis Chief of security.
All starts when Aladeen is threatened from the West starts to pay attention in their "secret" Affairs. Aladeen is convened by the United Nations to address their concernsabout its nuclear program. arriving in new york is kidnapped by who is supposed who would be your protection and discovers that his uncle was actually that I plan everything to get out of the way tohis nephew and to become a democratic country in order to be able to market to Wadiya the oil of this nation to achieve this the post of Aladeen take a shepherd of goats which was not veryintelligent but the exact double of Aladeen.
after having escaped the assassin hired by his uncle Zoey meets a little female girl that this find of the dictatorship and oppression that occurs at the sametime at Wadiya Aladeen learns that in new york there is a colony of exiles Wadiya where found Nadal his former boss of nuclear research which help it be the dictator of Wadiya in order to return to hisold job again. for achieve this Aladeen would accept the work that you Zoey offered in the shop of organic food where she was Manager in order to have access to the site where is decretaria as anation democratic that Wadiya is abriria to the Western world.
with Zoey, Aladeen discovered new things that changed you according to life; but most important to my consideration was the fact that hemet true love which did change your mind about democracy but there was a little "help" in their favor in the election but is going to do.

Maria de los Ángeles Suárez Henríquez
Ingles A2
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