The differences between men and women

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  • Publicado : 6 de agosto de 2010
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Adrian Rodrigo Vázquez Cano
English L4
July 18, 2010

What are the differences between men and women?

The differences between men and women, is a good topic to discuss, isn`t it? And it has a lot of juice to squezze out. It is too a tearm that generates a lot of controversy and each person has their own opinion about it. Now, in this paper i will give my point of view about thisquiestion. And for that i tried to cover, in my opinion, the most important issues. I’m going to start talking about the past, the present, and the future including themes like evolution, the relation betwen them, humanity contributions, femenin revolution, some behaviors changes, and a personalopinion about homosexuality and lesbianism. Then i’m going to embrace what about feelings and relationships.Next, i’ll talk about our intelligence, physical capacitys and some roles in life. And i will close with i little reflection included in mi conclusion.
The didfferences betwen men and women have, undoubtedly, a very interesting past. One day, i was thinking about that and i tried to find some answers. I found in an hystory article, that since the very beginning of the creation times, thehiman been was differentiated by the sexual organs, and each one, as always, have had one primordial role in the human evolution and reproduction. But the point is that since the beginning, men and women have had a diffrent evolution talking about the activities that they used to car out. For example, i read that in prehistory man and women had differents activities. Men for example,they needed touse all their strength they had toget food, clothes and weapons by the practicing of hunting, so they had to to run, to jump, to scream, to hold up extreme weathers. In opposite, women had to stay with the children, feed them, cook for men, the most extreme was when they had to find new lands to live, but in general their jobs did not requiered of big physical effort. So the article said that that’swhy body’s men has evolutionated bigger, stronger, higher,with a hoarser voice, and even hairier than women, whose body in change is smaller, with less hair, samaler muscles and less high. Besides, i read too that the evolution has to do too with our behaviors and our wawof mind.
When i read the last information, i inmediatly made a relation with the persent, i mean, it is very interestingto watch how the evolution is reflected in our bodys and our behaviors. However, i think that with the past of time, men and women have changed and started a new evolution because today in day we have changed a lot our way of life, some roles are now mixed, changed or even dissapeared. I wold say that some changes are good. Like women, who are changing now the horrible discrimation against them,which has prevailed for a really long time. Otherwise, changes like technology, computer, internet, cell phones, to mention some, have exchanged us, now we are dependents, we have created necessitys, definitely, usless; i dare to say that all this is repercuting inour relationships, in my case for example, the computer and internet have generated a lot of discussions betwen me and my wife becauseof the time that i spent with them, so now a try to use them less time and when a have to do homework. The cell phone is another thing that has repercussions in relationships, cause now we use it to express what we feel, we are now less expressivesin in all our relationships and we’re leaving behind romance and things like that; we must not let that kind of things interfer in our affective life.Now, talking about future, i think that a lot of behaviors in men and women will change, women for example, are going to give another big steap in their revolution, and that sounds very good. Now, talking about the sexual revolution, i have heard in some TV’s shows that some extremist group says that in a future, there are going to be so many gays and lesbians that the world population will...
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