The drug trafficking like social virus

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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To begin in this document he will speak about one of the activities illegally that more hurt does to him to the company Colombia the "drug trafficking"; associal virus which prevents the development of this one since the persons who devote themselves to this activity manage to prosper rapidly, consequently this brings such consequences as the forceddisplacement, violation, corruption, death etc.

This illegal this organization divided by cartels, for consequent these have a few representatives called "bosses". On the other hand the drugtrafficking is a crime which is not a sufficient car, since to be a cartel occurred it must bear in mind following a few political spokesmen which take charge keeping them invisible.

Consequently it isnecessary have contacts in the exterior, invest in vehicles which were transporting the drug, in buying the persons' conscience in order that they do it of mules, politicians and policemen for finally theyall must be loyalists to the boss in other words do it in order not to have any obstacle for this activity.

In addition what I help very much to the "global" expansion of the drug trafficking itwas the summit that had in the decade of " 70s and 80s " due to the fact that many Colombians migrated towards close conditions, on the other hand some Afghans and Pakistani they came to Colombia toteach like to make produce drugs to major scale. For what this activity which produces a lot of easy money but another face of the currency they are the consequences that there brings this “socialvirus” they are the dead men in the streets between great innocent them and also many missing persons. Even a clear example in Colombia was Pablo Escobar Gaviria a man of humble family who started bystealing vehicles then he was an assassin and ascended of social status thanks to his illegal activity I come to do one of the men more rich of the world is like both faces of a currency since he on the...