The education

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The Real Value of the Education
Through our life we give value at many things that we think are important to have success. Since I finished high school, I understood the importanceof a good education. This is important not only to gain knowledge or obtain a title. In my opinion it is more important because it is something that nobody will remove from you. Andit will mark always a difference between you and others. I cannot remember when or where I heard this phrase. The knowledge is Power, So in that way education is a priority for me, andI am sure for many people too. But what happens when you realize that having the will is not enough to achieve a good education. I would like to talk about a big obstacle that I haveto study currently.
While I was living in my country the only preoccupation that I had to study was the money to pay for it. So after high school I started working, and study at sametime. My first certification was like a clerical. After that I achieved a second certification like a technician accounting or Bookkeeper as is known here. Several years later when Iget married I began the university, and stayed there for two years studying the career of communications.
Now I have been living for five years in this great country where money it’snot a problem to study. My only obstacle is the language. Three weeks after arrive here I started studying English language in free night classes because I had to work in the mornings,and those classes helped me a lot. Now, five years later I am here taking classes on college, and trying to write this essay in a proper way.
I know that I have too much more tolearn, and I know that it would be hard too. But I think I am in the right way. I am going slowly, but I am doing my best to pass this obstacle. Which do not stop me to achieve my goal.
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