The effect of the ciggar in smokers

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The effect of the ciggar in smokers? Does it really affects their lives

A lot of people who smoke do not know the consequences that may bring along, today is one of the numberone cause of deaths worldwide, although they have banned smoking in many public places can not control their vice and some of the peoples who know the consequences of the cigar they continue to smoking.A large percentage of the population of the world has fallen into the habit of smoking; this has become part of everyday life. One major problem is the populations of young people are beginning tosmoke from 9 years without knowing the consequences that will bring the cigars, smokers often by social-priced feel, as this is stronger every day because it increases the number of young smokers.Women are, in fact, one of the most important targets of the tobacco industry, but young people are the main. In China, reports the magazine Panoscope, 'a large percentage of young people areindulging in this vice. " 35% of adolescents 12-15 years of age, and 10% of children aged 9-12 years are smokers. In Brazil, the newspaper Folha of S. Paulo, about ten million young people smoke. "Every dayare starting to smoke at least four thousand young people," says Panoscope.

Until 1950, the number of deaths from diseases related to snuff was negligible, but now millions of people die every yearbecause of this vice, according to the World Health Organization the number of deaths has increased and is a worrying figure

Today according to the World Health Organization, countries haverecognized the importance of informing the public what causes the cigar, have a decrease in the consumption of snuff, and unfortunately young people are the least has been able to help.

How the cigaraffects health? Nicotine is a product that seriously modifies the responses of the nervous system of the body. Some people quickly become accustomed to consuming a pack of cigars per day.

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