The effects of fear in people.

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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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The Effects of Fear in People.
By: María Camila Pava

Trough the behavior of several characters of his story like Abigail, Proctor and Tituba, Miller shows the reader how fear can negativelyaffect most of people in different situations. Using various examples, the author of the Crucible demonstrate how when people feel an immense fear of being affected by something, do whatever it takes toprotect themselves, even if that action compromises their moral and values.
To begin, it can be said that one of the characters that can be best adapted to this attitude is Tituba. This slave feelsso much fear of being judged and commended when Abigail blame her of being guilty of the whole witchcraft issue. As a result, when the prosecutors terrified her, she was only hoping to survive, as itcan be seen in this quote said by her: “No, no. Don´t hang Tituba” (1058). Therefore, being in this situation and under such pressure, Tituba completely forgot her moral and values, and starts to nameand engage people with witchcraft, since denouncing others was an escape of the punishment.
Same is Tituba, it is possible to mention another character who acted morally improper thanks to fear.This character is John Proctor, who had the possibility of fixing or at least improving the situation of those innocent people who were being hanged, but because of the fear he felt of damaging hisreputation, he took a long time to confess. Proctor, ashamed to confess his act of adultery, spoke up too late, when there was no solution to the problem.
Finally, one of the characters that can beblame the most for engaging innocent people and calling them witches during the story is Abigail Williams. This girl, terrified that Reverend Hale will discover what she did in the woods, blamed manypeople for her actions instead of taking her own responsibility. Consequently, when Hale started asking her questions she felt very nervous, and, referring to the devil, said “I never called him!...
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