The effects of living in a foreign country (ensayo en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2012
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Ariana Duenas
English 02
Lori wolf

The Effects of Living in a Foreign Country

Living in another country, different from the one that you were born can be an interesting and unforgettable experience, but at the same time it could represent the thousand of changes that your life can experiment because it has very important effects on one’s life. Living away from home, even for a shortperiod of time can be very difficult. We must remember that all changes are difficult and through them we build our character, and personality. But the most important of all it helps us appreciate everything we had. Not realizing how lucky we were before could be a big mistake, but we learn to appreciate what we have twice because we know that this experience will leave us a remarkable experience. Allthe awesome experiences that you will have among the time you are staying in a foreign country will lead you to a different perspective about life, obviously because you will learn so much things that you might want to write a book about it. Even so, the experience can be harder too. The fact that you are living away from home is going to cause a lot of effects in your personal life, most of themwill help you the rest of your life.
The first effect is that you miss everything. Since you are living away from home you start missing everything and this can distract your attention and make you feel homesick. This one is the most common because is the first one that you can truly vividly feel. When you start a regular life away from home, you realize that you don’t have what you used to backhome and it’s harder when you’re struggling with some issue and you don’t have support. This makes your realize how valuable family is.
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Simple things can remind you where you belong, little details like lying in your bed for the morning instead of playing videogames with your brother on a Sunday morning or making breakfast for the whole family. All those things will make youfeel sad at some point but definitely you learn how to deal with it and the most important thing is that you learn to appreciate what you had and what you will have eventually. When I first came here, I missed my family, I felt homesick a thousand of times, but I did learn how valuable my family is. Even though we are thousand miles away to each other I talk more with them. Definitely distancedoesn’t separate people, and Closeness has nothing to do with distance. This was a hard phase but i learn how to deal with it. There are more things that definitely help me to overcome this.
Another effect could be learning and improving a new language. If you are living in a country that even the language is different from your native language is going to be harder. The good thing about it is that nomatter what you do, you will eventually learn the language and even better you will improve it. These awesome opportunities are going to give you more things in return. You are going to be able to know more people and get a job. At some point you are going to have to study hard, actually to study twice because is a different language but bilingual people have a double thinking and they are fasterwith a lot of things. It is really easy for them to learn and they know more things that a normal person that only knows one language. When I improve my English, because I already knew the basic stuff, my life became easier, trust me. Have friends everywhere and talk about everything was a blessing. Improving my English helped me with absolutely everything, it was amazing to see how much I coulddo just knowing so much vocabulary in a short period of time, and everybody was amazed. I love the idea of knowing things in both languages, things that I already knew I learn them in another language.
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But not all is about language or missing your country, things can get harder anytime and you can feel depress being alone. Now you have to deal with things by yourself, no...
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