The effects of pollution

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TThe effects of Pollution
Yesterday, I dreamed that I was in other planet very different planet earth. I was walking on a street when I saw many people. As I was confused I asked to an old man where I was? And he told me the following story:
“I am 40 years old, but my appearance is of someone who is 55 years old, I have serious kidney problems because I drink little of water. I think I have notmuch time. I remember when I was 15 years: it was very different. There were many trees in the parks, houses had beautiful gardens and I could enjoy a shower for up to an hour now use towels soaked in mineral oil to clean skin, before all the women wore their beautiful hair, we must now shave the head to keep it clean without water, before my father washed his car with jet hose, kids today do noteven know for serving a hose. 

I remember there were signs that said save water looks appeared on radio, television, newspapers but no one took into account ... thought that water was unlimited, but now, all the rivers, dams, lakes and aquifers are irreversibly polluted or depleted, the amount of water and were ideal for drinking eight glasses a day per adult, I can only half a glass, clothingis disposable, which greatly increases the amount of garbage we had to build new latrines, as in the past century. I lived in the desert as a child but moved by the lack of water, at first brought from far away by tanker, but it was very expensive and only the rich could afford. The few people drank contaminated water resources. 

Many people died of gastrointestinal infections, skin diseasesand urinary tract. There are no industries or workshops, so there is unemployment. One of the few places to work today are desalination plants, where some workers prefer to receive drinking water instead of salary. There are rounds with the sole purpose of taking over the tank with water. The mortality rate among children and the elderly is enormous because of kidney problems, dehydration, viraland infectious diseases, my parents and two of my children are not with me for these reasons: they died. 

Food is 80% synthetic. Because dryness of the skin gild who is 20 year old looks like someone who is 35 years. Scientists investigate, but no solution is possible. You can not make water, oxygen is also degraded by lack of trees has decreased IQ of the younger generation. It has altered spermmorphology of many individuals, as a result, children with deficiencies, mutations and malformations. The government even makes us pay for the air we breathe, 137 m3 per day per adult. People who can not afford is thrown ventilated areas which are equipped with gigantic mechanical lungs, solar powered, there is good quality but you can breathe, the average age is 40 years. In some countries thereare patches of vegetation that are heavily guarded by the army, water has become a very coveted treasure, more than gold or diamonds. 

Here, however, there are no trees because it hardly ever rains, and when it comes to register some precipitation is acid rain, the seasons of the year have been severely affected by the atomic tests that were made in the twentieth century, among othercauses. It warned then that I had to look after the environment, when my daughter asks to talk to when I was young I describe how beautiful they were the woods, told her of the rain, flowers, how nice it was to bathe and to fish in rivers and reservoirs, drinking all the water she wanted, how healthy it was the people, she asks me: - Daddy, why is there no water? I feel a lump in my throat, I cannot helpfeeling guilty, I belong to the generation of waste, until just 25 years, warned us drop by drop, water is running out and we did not take him seriously.”

As we now, the globalization brings many good think as Internet, vaccines against disease, etc, but it brings bad thinks too as the Pollution.
The pollution has three problems which are air, water and land pollution.
¿What are that...
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