The effects of watching too much television (why television makes fools)

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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The Effects of Television Abuse ( Why television makes fools! )

Nowadays, television has become a part of our daily routine; to the extent that, some people can not even conceive lifewithout it. However, it has brought more than entertainment to many people. Problems such as social skills defficiencies, behavior disorders and health troubles are sometimes raised by the abuse oftelevision watching. That is why, unless television is used carefully; it may have serious consequences on the individual´s well being.
Because of television abuse, the social abilities of a person maybe amazingly affected. Spending too much time watching television may lead people into scarce socialization; and thereby, to ignorance about social codes, common sense rules, and little tolerance togroup pressures. Without these skills, people tend to get a hold of television again as a way to escape from situation in which they are required to apply social abilities with other individuals;turning it easily into a dangerous addiction.
As a consequence of their little social experience, a television addict may not have the knowledge about the actions normally expected in the realworld. Therefore, he or she could behave weirdly, to interact disfunctionally in groups, or to acquire the behaviors shown in television programs. Some teenagers, for example, imitate aggressivebehaviors, or take part in risky activities because they watch them on television programs like “Jackass”. So, television not only influences people´s way of thinking, but also how they act in reality.Besides social skills and behaviors, television abuse may also cause disturbances in many grounds of health. Often times, television addicts spend more time in front of the T.V. set than practicinghealthy activities outdoors. As a result, they are more likely to suffer partial blindness; if they watch television too close to the screen, overweight and attentional disorders during their...
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