The enlightement

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The Enlightenment


Montesquieu fought to get the constitutionalism, he said that all people are equal and should have the same rights; he was against slavery. He thought that allthe countries couldn’t have the same way to government because the situation of location conditions as weather, so because of this he said that we must respect the “natural laws” that rule the world.Montesquieu went beyond of Locke’s idea about the separation of the three powers into legislative, executive, and judicial; with this he guarantee his freedom. Most of his ideas were used to base theAmerican constitution.


Voltaire was always against tyranny and bigotry. With some of his jobs he established some of the bases for French Revolution. He wrote two dictionaries, and somebooks whose express Voltaire’s view about that time. But some of the documents that he wrote are a criticism to the society of his time, like people’s tyranny; he made so by making it in a way ofsatire. Some of Voltaire’s most important philosophic stories are: Babouc, Zadig, Micromegas, Candide, The ingenuous and The forty shields man.


The encyclopedia was one of the mostimportant contribution that Diderot made to the time. A lot of wise people contribute to its elaboration, and finally with the help of Madame of Pompadour Diderot finally finished it. The encyclopedia wascreated with the idea of been a kind of dictionary which one shows a huge image of the human spirit efforts at any gender at any century.

Adam Smith.

Adam Smith created a document called An Inquiryinto the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which based the political and free economy and the development of al the economy theory. He also developed the theory of the value-cost, thustheory explained that the cost of the products must be in relationship with how much work implied to make it. Is like if the work in order to make that product is harder then it must be more expensive....
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