The environmet

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The environment is seen as all that surrounds us and that we must take care to keep our city clean. is made up of natural elements such as animals, plants, water, air, all the material things in theworld are also there elementod chemical structure of biological nature that you know that some components of the environment are life, some believe that environment is only nature but also part man.we are a very important component that can convert more than any other being the planet's environment is constantly changing, positive or negative, the action of man can be changes by humans or bynature itself. Transform us what surrounds us but the rain also shapes the landscape, build or destroy silver, cold and heat break rocks l environment is important throughout the life of the planetdepends on its good quality can not live in a caring environment that devastated the environment and the beauty of the world is immense and the thought of going slowly losing it would be terrible love ofnature is what gives us strength to defend it every day see a river clear and full of life , feel the aroma with a forest after the rain, watch a bird building its nest delicately we must protect ourenvironment that we need
Our planet provides us with all the natural resources we need for food, build our homes, have light, trnspportarnos, clothe the atmosphere, protects the earth from excessiveultraviolet radiation and allows the existence of life is a gaseous mixture of nitrogen, carbon dioxide carbon circulates around the planet and changes the thermal differences, the plants used water,carbon dioxide and sunlight to convert raw materials into carbohydrates through photosynthesis. land has changed slowly continental drift separated the landmasses, oceans invaded the mainland andretreated from it. and mountains rose and eroded sediment deposited along the coast environmental problems the species homo sapiens humans, appeared late. history has been able to modify the environment...
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