The feeling of being different

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  • Publicado : 12 de agosto de 2010
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The Feeling of Being Different
What would you think if you live in a society where you are physically different from everyone? The book Geek Love written by Katherine Dunn and the video The Eye onthe Beholder written by Rod Serling show the physical differences of people in a certain society and how they are being affected in positive and negative ways. It is important to know the similaritiesand the differences between the two plays to see how this issue of being different changes depending the point of view of each author. Being different is not a problem, the problem is to accept thatyou are different and may live with that acceptation, and that’s why people who look different from others in a society change drastically their personality and the way of act.

After watching thevideo and reading the book there are things that look the same and there are others that look different, but the main idea of both is to show the difference between individuals in a society. One of themost marked difference in both is that in the book Katherine Dunn show more interaction of the “freakish” characters in the society and solve better the problem, but in the video Rod Serling show thedifference more as a tragic issue, but there’s something that we know for sure and is how in both the personality of the characters is not normal, it is impossible for the characters to be likeothers are, and seeing it this way, we can conclude that being different physically requires to be different in personality, and this may be because they don’t feel comfortable with themselves and thismake them jealous looking for a similar personality like the other people in a community has, but at the same time being inevitable to be like others, they just have to be different.

The otherdifference that we can find between the book Geek Love and the video The Eye on the Beholder is that in the book, Katherine Dunn showed the different characters as freakish, but Rod Serling showed...
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