The first gouverment oh chile

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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First Socialist Government of Chile
The   socialism   is a socio-economic order based on the   owned media production, controlling   collective   planned   economy from the  society   as aninteger. In Chile the socialism was expressed from 1932 with Eugenio Matte Marmaduque Grove, Carlos Martinez, and Oscar Schnake, which created the Socialist Party (PS) in June 1933, however,to approximately be in 1970 with Salvador Allende, where it has its greatest height.
Near of the presidential election in 1970, the left opposition joined to organize the United Popular and appointed SalvadorAllende Gossens candidate. This led a campaign founded on a program that promised to nationalize all based industries, banks, and communications. Received not only near 37% of the votes, but also theunconditional support Congress versus his opponent of right, the former President Alessandri Allende was the first President elected under a Socialist program in a non-communist country.
ThisGovernment was supported by the people's unity (a group of left parties), he will find to establish an alternative to a socialist society - the "via Chilean socialism" - as projects of nationalization ofcopper, the political polarization in the middle of the cold war, and serious economic and financial crisis.
Salvador Allende was candidate to the   Presidency Republic   four times: in the   1952election   obtained bad result; then 1958  obtain second   relative majority   after   Jorge Alessandri; in  1964   won 38% of the vote, which not allowed him to overcome to  Eduardo Frei Montalva;and, finally, in a strong conflict with three way, won the first plurality of 36.3%, being elected by the   Congress. Under this way, was elected first Marxist president   worldwide underdemocratically agreed to the power.


Camera deputies, opposing majority, adopted a new law dated August 23rd 1973 which accused the Government of Allende to incur in a permanent violations of the...
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