The fruitcake special

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2011
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Main characters:
Anna: Young chemist at the Amos cosmetics factory in New Jersey, USA.
Aunt Mimi: Anna’s aunt. She brings the fruitcake special to Anna’s house. She alwayswants to find her a husband.
Sabina: Beautiful young model who is the latest girlfriend of Mr. Amos
Mr. Amos: The owner of Amos Cosmetics factory. He is famous for going out with beautiful womenSummary the plot:
Anna is a chemist woman who works at the Amos cosmetics factory in New Jersey, USA. She is trying to discover a new perfume. One day Anna puts a piece of fruitcake, into the perfumemix. Its smells is so wonderful that her boss, a handsome English man, invites Anna out for dinner. At the dinner Mr. Amos doesn't take interest in her until that she puts on the fruitcake specialperfume. In that moment her boss loses the control of himself when he smells that perfume.
Sabina, a beautiful young model who was his latest girlfriend and also was in the restaurant, feels jealous ofAnna and begins a fight developed between Sabina, Mr. Amos and a waiter who also was charmed with the perfume's Anna.

Anna asks to her Aunt Mimi the ingredients of the cake so she could make a lotof money making a perfume that cause men to go mad with love.
The answer is that the old lady, who made the cake, because she bought it, had died.

When she comes back to her job, Mr. Amos wantsthat she accepts a bit of money to make up any disappointments and then she can go back to making perfumes at the factory again.
Sabina that also is in the office is laughing, so Anna pours thefruitcake special over Sabina and leaves her job.
Later Anna meets the man who had always been interested in her.


Main characters:
Aunt Molly: She is a sweet, cheerful and honestperson. She isn’t very clever but everybody loves her. She doesn’t like making decisions, and she always has worked very hard to earn her living
Uncle Dalton: Molly’s husband. He died run over by...
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