The functions of code switching

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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2010
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The Functions of Code Switching in ELT Classrooms.
Olcay Sert

Author Olacy Sert’s article emphasizes the importance of the study on code-switching taking into account the two most importantelements in the language teaching-learning process: teachers and students, and its underlying reasons.

The author introduces the topic by stating that the “code-switching” phenomenon is widelyobserved in multilingual and multicultural communities. And it is an issue which is not favored by many educators, but there should be a general understanding about the functions of code-switching between L1and L2. This change in attitude will lead language teachers to the improvement of their instruction maintaining the code-switching or by eliminating it during the teaching of L2.

The definitionof the concept is based on Numan’s and Carter’s work, and they define it as it follows “a phenomenon of switching from one language to another in the same discourse” (2001:275) Understanding theconcept of discourse as the students’ and teachers’ naturally occurring language use in the language classroom.

Through the extent of the document, the functions of code-switching are seen from variousperspectives.
a. The function of code-switching in the bilingual community settings.
b. The functions of code-switching in the teachers’ classroom discourse including aspects as: topic switch,affective functions, and repetitive functions.
c. Students’ code-switching by introducing basic functional perspectives as: equivelance, floor holding, reiteration and conflict control.

Theauthor considers a general point of view about code-switching before considering its functions. Then, bilingual individuals’ main purpose in the use of code switching is self expression and for thesake of personal intentions. It is also added that may be used to build intimate relationships among members of a bilingual community. That is, creating linguistic solidarity especially in those who...
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