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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2011
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Engish 12
Mr. Blasiak
The Great Gastby

Arrived to New York wasn’t easy at all, my mom warring me before deciding I want to go and take a fashion designee curse know that flapper era had begunand us the lady s has an opportunity to express ours self’s via fashion . When I arrived I use to rent a very tiny apartment where my living room kitchen and bathroom were in the same room, but thatwasn’t the thing that borders me , the only think it irritates me was the location , the avenue was pretty well located but after the probation the drugstore that was beside my building in the nightturn into a speakeasy so the sounds in the middle of the night didn’t let me rest as I will to; while I was looking to new apartment options my mom give me call and told me that my uncles Jerryand Cony want me to go and visit them, that they lived in long island in the East Egg Manhattan , so I called them and told them that next Friday that I didn’t t have to go to my curse I will goand visit them. As I usually happens to my I don but any attention while I’m speaking in the phone with some one so when Friday arrived I was lot in East Egg so while I was looking with a despairedeyes and frozen nose my uncles house a very nice man approaches me and ask me witch house I’m looking for and I told him Mrs. And
Mr. Mac gregor house, he just saw me with a very confused face andask me if they were the ones that just move into Mr. Gastby mansion I didn’t understand what he was talking about but I knew that my uncles just move in so I respond him with a very big smile yes,could you guide me he just laugh and told me that I was in font of the mansion, immediately he introduce her self as Nick Carraway my uncles neighbor ; in that same instant my uncle Jerry arrived withthe chuffer and make me go into the house.
While we were having dinner Jerry propose me magnificent idea, that for my own security and economy so I don’t spend all my money in rent I could live...
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