The good, the bad, the ugly and future of our profession

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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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Opinions of Independent Public Accountants, Auditors, Teachers, members of guilds, consultants and researchers,about that is worthy of highlight in our profession, on that there to work more and the vision of tomorrow.

The Public Accounting, since 1991, has been giving importance.

It was openedin Bogota y Medellin the national professorship of Public Accounting Edgar Fernando Nieto.

The Public accountant is a feisty person, warrior and manages to overcome challenges.

This is aprofession where self-knowledge is created.

The level and development that the women accountants have demonstrated.

The appointment, for first time, of the Accountant General of the nation, RosaMargarita Roldán.

It's a profession that allows to the professional including to the student to work because it has many action fields.

All companies require us and the professional that specializesis desired.

Very few they are the public accountants unemployed, or that they aren't developing the profession.

All companies require us and the professional that specializes is desired.There is strong competition that forces them to seek differentiated and quality products.

More and more professionals with the desire of provide an ethical and transparent service to theservice the country.

You can use advanced technology that allows be permanently informed and to provide an efficient and timely service to businesses.

Disunity and division ofguilds, associations, federations and Colleges, but since the Central Board of Accountants is working to strengthen ties and form a common front.
The problematic of not have mandatory tariffs.The counters are not united to be proactives and participate in international scenarios.

Each day they take out decrees and we don't obtain to change support for our exercise.

The inability of...
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