The great automatic grammatizator

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The Great Automatic Grammatizator
Need anything be innate?
Why we need to understand Natural language? Natural languages evolved. The ability to express something is in a language has highcorrelation with brain structure. Natural language studies revealed that nearly all languages have a similar structure/grammar, but superficial differences. This I remember was based on some Chomsky'sfindings, but don't have reference off-hand. The evolution of natural language was based on the cognitive limits of human mind.
We know that the crowning success of the human species. The humanis capable to speak fluently. The capacity for language must be built directly into the human brain. The knowledge originates inhuman nature. Chomsky’s views on this matter are very strong indeed.Chomsky has explicated that certain aspects of our knowledge and understanding are innate. It`s part of our biological endowment. Genetically is determined. On a par with the elements of our commonnature that cause us to grow arms and legs rather than wings.
Chomsky supposed to describe the universal properties underlying the grammar of every language in the world. Because this universal grammarcouldn`t be learned at all. He said that the theory of Universal Grammar in an innate property of the human mind and the growth of language is analogous to the development of a bodily organ. Chomskyrecognize that children learn whatever language but he believes that the abstract principles that govern language are not learned at all.
Chomsky`s version of the theory of innateness involvestwo logically and empirically separate claims: that language is innate, and that our brains contain a dedicated, purpose learning device that has involved for language alone.
According toskinner, there are no limits to what a human being can become. Humans are capable of language because we have the time.
Many people still tacitly assume that nurture is everything when they...
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