The great detective

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Pagina 56:
1. Help David delgado crack the code. Write the sentences.
Then tick True (T) or False (F).
T | F |
X | |
| X |
x | |
| x |
X | || X |
X | |

Pagina 57:
2. Complete the paragraph about David Delgado
David delgado is a detective.
He lives in New York. One dark cold night, he has a meeting with a man calledHarry. He wait near a streetlamp for himbut he doesn’t come. Then Mickey Malone the King of crime arrives in a withe limo.
Mickey Malone doesn’t like David. He has got a gun and he is pointing it atDavid, Quickly, David throw a Stone at the light and the street goes down David Runs.
Three big men run after him.

3. What happens next? Does David escape or do they catch him.
Write a shortparagraph.
We dont know if they catch him, because the boy wakes up of the dream.
Pagina 58:
1. Macht the actions.
1:c 2:b 3:a4:d
Pagina 59:
2. Ask and answer questions with a partner.
* What is Zadie doing in picture one.
She is playin tennis.
* Where is David in picture four.
Heis behind of that think.

3. Complete the speech bubbles with the adjectives.
You can’t do anything right. You’re useless.
I don’t understand. Im confused.
Look! He is over there by thatold rusty wire fence.
Holly’s crying. I think she is upset.
Mickey Malone is a big guy. In fact, He is huge.
Everybody is terrified of me. I don’t know why.

4. When can you use these phrases?Match
1. You are Pathetic: You think somebody is silly.
2. You are in a big trouble now: You are doing something bad
3. Do you know what time it is?: Somebody is late.
4. Thatsodd: You think something is strange.
5. Hang on: You want somebody to wait a minute.
6. Why dont you grow up?: You think somebody is childish.

5. Now find the prhases in the story. Who...
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