The great gatsby

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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This book talks about a society where the party’s, the money are the most important thing in their lives. They go to important party’s to be part of rich society. The girls in thebook want to marry the richer boy and have the most expensive clothes and they only want to be loved by everyone. Jordan is the only girl that isn´t so worried about all that stuff. The boy ´s get whatthey want like girls, cars, popularity with money and then they make party´s to show how rich they are.
Nick moves into a little house next to Gatsby’s mansion, Nick and Gatsby become close friends,Nick invite Daisy over his house, because Gatsby has a crush on Daisy. After that day Daisy and Gatsby become lovers.
Tom has a mistress too, he makes little parties and invites her, he buydresses and jewelry to her and everything she ask.
In Gatsby´s party´s Daisy and Gatsby escape and have sex, Tom suspect something about it and send a guy to investigate him.
One day Jordan, Nick, Daisy,Tom and Gatsby eat in tom and Daisy´s house, When the meal ends they decide to go to the town because Daisy want it. In the trip Gatsby make Daisy confess about their affair, Jordan and Nick doesn’tknow what to do, Tom and Gatsby argue about who Daisy loved more. When they return home Daisy was driving and run over Tom´s mistress in Gatsby car.
Her husband want to revenge and go to Tom´s house,Tom say to him that Gatsby is the guilty and he goes over Gatsby´s house and kill him. Daisy never confessed she was the one that kill her because she didn’t want her reputation were bad.
I thinkthat the people that care more about the money that their feelings or the right thing to do is awful and I really can´t stand them. Isn´t just because they only want the best, but because theysometimes hurt people feelings and they just don’t care. Daisy didn´t want to be with Gatsby at the beginning because he was poor but when he get rich, she admit her love to him and cheat Tom with him....
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