The greates game ever played

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María José Rodríguez Yñigo

The greatest game ever played

For the next class answer the following:
1. What is youropinion about his father attitude? He loves his son, and he want to protect him of getting hurt, that’s why he forbidden to play golf. Why didhis father think that way? Because he has a rough childhood, and he believes that only rich people can have those privileges and that theydon’t deserve it.
2. Why is important that he didn’t replace his caddy for the last round? That means that he believes in his team, itdoesn’t matter that he was the one that playing the game, he has a team that he has to trust, and also the caddy believes in him too, andhe need to pay it back. Also because he is a leader and he need to give a good example.
3. Which is the difference between the firsttournament he played and the US open in his attitude? In the second one, he was more mature and he believes in him, also he has something toprove kind of a goal
4. What is your personal learning of the movie? You need to know yourself to be a successful person, you need toknow or abilities and have faith and trust, not only in yourself, also in your teammates, because in some ways you depend on them. And thatin life, you will have many people who won´t believe in you but you have to have courage in order to achieve your goals and dreams.
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