The greedy king

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  • Publicado : 27 de enero de 2012
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The Greedy King
There once was a greedy King. His kingdom, Lindostan was beautiful, big trees and a lot of beautiful, clean lakes andrivers. There was a lot of food because there were a lot of farms, but the king wasn´t happy because there wasn´t any gold in his kingdom.There wasn´t any silver and there weren´t any diamonds, either.
One day the king was in his garden. He was very sad. “Poor me,” he said. “Theother kings have gold carriages, silver clothes and diamond rings. I don’t have anything.” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Who´sthere?”
“I am from the land of Secostan. Secostan is a desert. There are gold mines but there aren´t any trees. Without trees there isn´tany wood. Sell us trees and we will give you gold.”
“Great! Take our trees, we don´t need them.”
The king was happy. There were piles ofgold in his palace. “Look at all this gold. Who needs trees?”
Soon there were very few trees in the kingdom and the people in the kingdomwere very unhappy. The kingdom was ugly without trees. Everything was brown. There weren´t any beautiful birds to sing. It was also veryhot. Without trees there wasn´t any shade. There wasn´t much food, either. There weren´t many jobs for carpenters and fishermen becausethere wasn´t any wood to make furniture and boats.
Soon there weren´t any people in the kingdom. There was just a greedy king and his gold.
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