The happy prince

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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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Written by Oscar Wilde
Bief summary:In a city there was a golden statue of the happy prince on a tall column, where he could see all what happened in this city. One night a little swalow arrived to the city, because it delayed its migration to Egypt. The Swallow landed on the statue and saw that the happy prince was crying because of the injustices that he could observe. Thenthe prince wanted that the swallow give to poor people his jewels. The bird did it and stayed with the prince during some weeks, giving and distributing his jewels and gold. The statue had no more trimming in his body. The winter arrived and the little swallow died due to the cold, kissing to the prince in his lips. When the prince saw it, his Herat was broken. The following day the mayor of thecity observed the statue, it was deteriorated. The mayor ordered to destroy and melt it. Nevertheless, the heart´s prince wasn´t melted, ans was throwed in lots of dust, where also stayed the swallow´s rests.God sent to an angel to bring him two of the most value things in the city, and the angle brought him the prince´s heart and the dead swallow. God was happy for the election and decided thatthe bird sings forever in the paradise´s garden and the prince Hill stay in his city of gold
Themes: The human superfiaciality and selfishness. This tale revels a social critique, where in that time the poor people had nothing but rich people had everything, even the richs fighted to get some power and recognition. Also we can see another theme like good deeds are recompensed someday by God. Love,justice and dignity are other themes.
• Main characters: The protagonist is The happy prince, an statue that in his immobile and lonely life remembers his before life. There is an evolution in this character because at first, before to die, was selfish and had indifference about the pain of the people. Later on he becomes generous and big-hearted, living an eternal and spirituallife, far form that cold life in a palace. As a statue, he can see the misery and the poorness of his people. For this reason he cries and feels `powerless, so with the help of the little swallow tries to help to the people. The other main character is the little Swallow, it is in love of the prince and also freedom. It is solidary with all the people.
• Secondary characters: The mayor of thecity, councillors, the art teacher.. this characters reject to the prince when the statue is without gold an jewels, but before when he has got it didn’t do it. They just care the power. Another secondary characters are the beneficiares of the good dees ( a young writer, a little girl, a seamstress…). All this characters represent the English society statements, each with differents professions,but all with the same reality.

Style: Wilde writted this tale in an agile and easy prose. The author adds dialogues between characters, the dialogues are interrupted by small descriptive paragraphs. We can see calificative adjectives,adverbs, diminutives, alliterations, repetitions, that give much expressiveness to this tale. There are some rhyming phrases interspersed in the story. This phrasesshow us the beginning and the end of swallow´s travels. The tale is narrated in third person with an omniscient narrator.This tale has got a simple/ easy argument, the author shows us the way that the people think and live in this age. In this story he uses timelessness and a space doesn’t defined. He mixts argument and dialogues. we can see plenty of verbs, adjetives and nouns and rarely can seeverbs in the passive form. This is a moral tale. .


These two tales are quietly different because of the themes, the argument, the vocabulary used, the style and the characters.
On the one hand, in “The Black cat” the main character is perverse, and hurts to the loved ones (wife, animals…), destroying himself due to the...
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