The healt sistem in eeuu

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The American health system is very proficient and advanced, but also very expensive.

The U.S. healthcare system is enormous, being able to find clinics and hospitalseverywhere, even in the remotest areas of the country.

Unfortunately, this great quality comes with astronomical prices. You should know that the costs of health care (doctors, hospital stays andeven medicines) are the most expensive in the world and represent 15% of American PIB. Given the increasingly large proportion of older people and technology costs, this percentage is likely to increasefurther in the future.
Health care is probably the best in the world for the rich, its high cost and limited state intervention mean that it is weak or even nonexistent for the poor and unemployed.About 15% of the U.S. population lacks health insurance .

Treatment "free" does not exist in the United States, even in public hospitals. All health care, including emergencies, must be paid, eitherpersonally or through insurance. In many hospitals in the cities tend to have an emergency clinic that deals with serious and less expensive than a normal hospital or clinic, but still have to pay.Therefore, to come to the U.S., it is vital to have medical insurance, or a serious illness could cause you a financial disaster.

 People who have serious illnesses that require insurers meetvery high premiums.

 Nearly 50 million people (out of a total population of just over 300 million) have no health insurance

Here are some prices:

• Ambulance: 475 dollars
• oxygen bottle: $ 50;• Gasoline: $ 7;
• Stay in an emergency room service for three hours: $ 662;
• Medical care: $ 106

Given these prices it is necessary to obtain insurance


- The health coveragemost of the population is conducted by the companies themselves through a group insurance policy that covers about 60% percent of the population. While the health insurance business is voluntary, tax...
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