The heart

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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2011
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The Heart
The most important organ that our body has is the brain, and I think the one who follows is the heart, because it has a lot of functions like take blood to different parts of our body,giving oxygen and nutrients to our body that we need to live.
I always wonder why the heart beats, and the reason is that before a beat, the heart fills with blood, and when it tries to expulse theblood, the heart contracts; another way to explain this is with our hand, when you open and close it a lot of times is like a heart-beat because when you open your hand is like if the heart is fillingwith blood and when you close it is like the heart is trying to expulse the blood. The heart beats all the time even when you’re sleeping, it’s amazing how many times per day our heart beats, accordingto the video, the heart beats 100,000 times per day and 35 million beats per year.
The video said that more than 3000 people in USA had suffered a heart attack, this is really bad because this provesthat the principal cause to happen this is not because you had family who had heart problems, is not only a degenerative disease, or because you’re older, the fault is for the style of life you havethat bring lethal consequences. The principal causes of a heart attack are: to eat big quantities of fat, not to do exercise, smoke, to have high cholesterol, etc. We have to take care a lot becausesometimes the symptoms are silent and they can stay like that in a long time, so it’s better if you go with your doctor to do some analysis to check how healthy you are and of course have a balanceddiet, eating fish, vegetables, fruits and water, trying to avoid red meat, egg yolks, fat, etc.
The heart is divided in two sides, the left side sends fresh blood and cleans the body, this bloodcontains a lot of oxygen and it is used in the cells of our body. The cells use the oxygen to make carbon dioxide and other stuff that need to eliminate, that is send it to the blood to take them away....