The hero's journey

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The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell was a lot of things, but he was better known as a world distinguished interpreter of mythology. To help explain the complex meaning of a hero’s myth, Campbellinvented a form of diagram explaining the journey that a character experiments throughout the story. We will see the principal character pass through several stages on his journey.
Gilgamesh, forexample, one of the greatest heroes of mythology, began his adventure at home when he was kind of an impatient king, then he met his most important companion, Enkidu, who Gilgamesh profoundly loved andtrust more than everyone, and the two of them began their adventure to the forest to defeat Humbaba, and when Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh found a “false reward” by seeking immortality, but he passes manytests before he meets Utnapishtim and his wife, who help him find the flower of eternal life. But Gilgamesh loses the flower to a snake who stole immortality for itself. Gilgamesh went back homeunderstanding that immortality is just for the gods.
In Slumdog millionaire, the hero, Jamal, starts his journey when he appeared in a show to win one million Rupees, but he was not truly just there to winthe money, but hoping that his beloved Latika may be watching and probably run away with him. His first test was when the host of the show gave Jamal a wrong answer while in commercials, hoping thathe will lose the game, but the host failed. Another test or challenged he faced while in his journey was when he was arrested and tortured prior to answer his last question. The initiation phase ofJamal’s journey began when he remembered his childhood and all the problems he faced and how he and his brother managed to survive without a mother or father in a very difficult and unfair world withoutanything, not even proper education, and while he was struggling to survive after her mother’s death he found Latika (the goddess), then he lost track of her and found her later on. He won the...
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