The horses

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I’m talking about the horses because I love this animals and I think they are
  very noble and sensitive able to help people with disabilities (Down syndrome)

The wind ofa horse "is a disease that causes the horse to issue some strange noises in your breathing, especially when making major efforts.
• To know the age of a horse can do itlooking at his teeth.
• Horses have the ability to recognize sounds over long distances and recognize familiar voices.
• The horse is able to stand on three legs, allowing you torelax, as normal is that horses sleep standing up resting on three legs.
• Horses can not vomit so you have to be careful about their food.
• If your horse bites not be givena blow to the hozico to correct but should be given a blow to the neck.
• A horse can drink 37 liters a day
But how horses express themselves?
The horses are fascinatingand complex, as often happens with almost all species, know how to express their feelings and moods through different parts of your body
- If you have ears with openings to theoutside and forward: it remains quiet.
- If your ears are in constant motion is calm but alert to any noise.
- If your ears are straight or forward: is watching.
- If yourears are slightly behind the horse is upset.
- If your ears are upright: he is afraid.
- If the ears are fully back the horse is angry.
- If you have the ears to the sides:the animal is relaxed and / or tired
The mood of a horse can vary as people, so that, when competing, it is important to know your character so you can make its greatestvirtues
When it comes to coating we also have to look at the colors of the mane and tail,
Sorrel, Albino, Apalusa or appaloosa, Bayo: White, Brown,
Isabelo, Black, Pia, Tordo
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