The hound of baskerville

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The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 Sherlock Holmes
 Watson
 Dr. James Mortimer
 Hugo Baskerville
 Barrymore
 Barrymore´s wife
 Barrymore´s wife brother (Selden)
 Sir Charles Baskerville
 Sir Henry Baskerville
 Mr. Stapleton
 Mrs. Stapleton
 The hound
 L.L. (Laura Lyons)

This is the story in which the author brings“Sherlock Holmes” back to live because of the fame he had reached with this character. The story takes place in the south west of England: Devonshire, a wet, misty and foggy place in which an ancient family has their home. The home is called Baskerville Hall. This house has been inherited generation after generation between the Baskerville´s family members. The story begins when Dr. Mortimer, a closefriend of the last Baskerville´s family member, visited Sherlock Holmes to ask for help because he thought that his Baskerville friend named Sir Charles, was murdered, two weeks before.

Dr. Mortimer thought that the next family member to inherit that property was in danger because there was a legend about this family. They used to say that there was a big hound that terrified and had killed onlyBaskerville family members. Long time ago, about a hundred years before this, Hugo Baskerville, an evil person, fell in love for a girl who was afraid of him. He kidnapped her one night and she managed to escape so he let his hound chase her, and he followed them. Later, Hugo was found killed by big bites, made from a huge and evil hound.

Then, Dr. Mortimer asked Holmes his help to prevent thedeath of Sir Henry, the next Baskerville member to inherit the house and the lands. Sherlock did not believed that a supernatural legend was really the cause of those events, so he and his assistant, Watson, went to Devonshire to meet Sir Henry and prevent him, as the event was about to occur. By the same time they would investigate the case behind the hound legend.

Sherlock apparently leftDevonshire leaving Watson alone and in charge of the research. He also had to take good care of Sir Henry. Watson quickly discovered that Sir Charles had a date with a woman the night he was found dead, named LL (Laurita León, la Tesorito, although her name is Laura Lyons, this is a joke for you teacher). This woman gave him some information: Sir Charles was helping her to get a divorce, but then shereceived help from someone else, so she did not went to that appointment. By that time, Watson met the Stapleton brothers. They lived near the Baskerville Hall and they were interested in the next Baskerville member because they were good for the town people. The Stapleton sister told Watson to go and left Devonshire. She said he was in danger because she thought he was Sir Henry Baskerville and noWatson.

Watson kept on writing every detail to Sherlock meanwhile he was supposedly in London, he did not know that Sherlock was actually in Devonshire hidden and investigating himself. Then they found a dead man who was wearing Sir Henry´s clothes, and they thought it was him, but they realized that it was a prisoner that had escaped. Mr. Stapleton came and was visibly disappointed because itwas not Henry. This is when Sherlock realized that Stapleton was involved or maybe the master mind behind this plan.

At the end, Sherlock discovered that Stapleton´s were a married couple, and that he was a Baskerville family member. This is why he planned to brought back to live the hound legend, having a horrible hound himself in a hut, which he used to frighten and kill people. So Sherlockand Watson planned a way to trap Stapleton, they made him and Henry believed that they were gone, and they left Henry alone to go to the Stapleton´s house for dinner. This way, at the end of the dinner, when Henry left he would let the hound chase him to death. But he did not count with Holmes and Watson, who killed the hound after a great scare. Then, they found Mrs. Stapleton who was tied...
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