The hound of the baskerville

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Chapter 1

In Marlott, England a parson has been doing historical investigation into the families in the district. He told John Dubeyfield belong to the noble family of d'Urberville. Just then, John passed riding in a carriage and her daughter Tess, blushed when saw his father there, because a handsome man began to dance with her friends and she couldn't dance whit them for embarrassment.
Forthem, belong to the family d'Urberville would bring great things.

Chapter 2
One morning, the two brothers rode in a wagon with the beehives, and they were carried by a horse, Prince.
During the way Abraham told Tess that her noble relations were going to help her marry a gentleman and the conversation followed with the good and bad worlds.Suddenly a mail-cart had crashed into their wagon inthe dark and killed Prince.
They returned to home and her parents were angry with Tess for the disaster.

Chapter 3
Tess didn't find a job, and she decided visit her relations from Trantridge. There, she wanted see to the old lady, but knew to Alec Stoke-d'Urberville.
After she persuaded him, that they were relations, they walked towards the greenhouses, Alec started to interest by Tess,putting her strawberries, roses…because he watched her beauty and said of help her, but in truth, he doesn't want help Tess, only get her for him.

Chapter 4
Alec came to pick Tess in a carriage and Tess' family were happy because he was a handsome young man, but when they rode in the carriage, Alec began to drive very fast and Tess wouldn't want, and if she doesn't kiss him, the carriage would gomore fast. Alec Threw Tess' hat out and she jumped down it and went walking to Trantridge.

Chapter 5
Tess began to lose her shyness of Alec and started looking for diversions to break the monotony.
One night, she went to drink and dance with farm's friends. There, she saw to Alec and a young girl started a quarrel Tess, because she had once been Alec's mistress and she was jealous.
Finally,Tess rode in the Alec's horse and they went.
During the way to home, Alec had to stop his horse for the denser fog.

Chapter 6
Tess went to Marlott and she accepts already her new life, but followed thinking the idea that she was going to bring such shame on her family. Alec was sorry because he hurt her and he would send her whatever she needs.
Most people in the village began to think thatshe had gone away.

Chapter 7
Tess was working the harvest to earn money for her family. She locked up to her family and they brought her baby to her.. She couldn't save the baby's life and prayed for the baptise him and so she would save his soul. The baby had died and he couldn't be buried in the holy ground, because the baby hadn't been baptised in the church and Tess buried him in a cornerof the churchyard.

Chapter 8
Mr Crick told Tess a story and when he finished, a man began to spike. Tess didn't saw his face but she knew that he was the young man who had stopped to dance with the girls in Marlott. He didn't remember her and one girl her bedroom told Tess, that man was Angel Clare and more things of his life.

Chapter 9
Angel had already noticed Tess and one day he beganto speak in a field. He asked Tess of her life and she answered him with sadness. He was surprised and she saw Angel a well-educated young man. The love was starting.
The girls, who shared the room with Tess, liked Angel, but they knew that Angel liked Tess, but they said that he won't marry with Tess.

Chapter 10
Izz, Retty, Miriam and Tess were going to the churchFirst, Angel carried to thethree girls. When he carried Tess, he tried kissing her and the girls saw them. Tess told them that she doesn't can marry anyone.
Angel respected Tess in her thought, but one day he saw Tess in the field and went to her and put his arms around her. He felt love her and said her.
For him his life had just changed.

Chapter 11
Angel supposed that her family want he married with Mercy Chant ,...
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