The hound of the baskervilles test

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Comprehension Test
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1 Who in the story ...?
a ... played the violin? ...............
b ... did Holmes call ‘a very good detective’? ...............
c ... followed Sir Henry in London, wearing a false beard? ...............
d ... was upset and angry because Holmes had ‘tricked’ him? ...............
e ... fell in love with ‘MissStapleton’? ...............
20 marks
2 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
a Holmes always thought the hound was supernatural.
b When Sir Charles died, Sir Henry was living in the USA.
c Holmes didn’t think Stapleton was a very dangerous enemy.
d Stapleton’s real name was Roger Baskerville.
e Baskerville Hall was not an old house.
f Stapleton neverreally owned a school in the north of England.
g Stapleton stole one of Sir Henry’s shoes to give the hound Sir Henry’s scent.
h Laura Lyons knew she was helping Stapleton kill Sir Charles.
i The hound was really a small lion.
j Fog nearly stopped Holmes and Watson from saving Sir Henry from the hound.
20 marks
3 Match a description of a character in the book from A witha name from B.
1 Very friendly and generous
2 Very pretty, dark hair
3 Small, healthy, well-built
4 Small, thin, between thirty and forty, fair hair
5 Beautiful – dark and tall, a lovely face
a Laura Lyons
b Miss Stapleton
c Sir Henry Baskerville
d Sir Charles Baskerville
e Stapleton
20 marks
4 Match a word from A with a definition from B.A
1 Creature
2 Hell
3 Hound
4 Marsh
5 Moor
a A kind of dog
b Very wet, soft ground
c A living animal or person
d Open, rough, windy land without trees
e The place where bad people are punished when they die
20 marks
5 Fill in the gaps using creep, faint, hunt, mark, sink. Careful: sometimes you need to change the form of a word.
a ‘Ifanimals or men go into the marsh, they will ............... into it and die.’
b ‘The people say it’s the Hound of the Baskervilles, which is calling for something to ............... and kill.’
c ‘Why had she nearly ............... when I told her about the letter?’
d ‘The fog was ............... up from the marsh towards the house.’
e ‘She showed us the sticks which she and her husband hadput in to ............... the way.’
20 marks
Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Choose the best answer.
1 Holmes and Watson first meet Sir Henry Baskerville at _____.
a [ ] Baskerville Hall b [ ] Baker Street c [ ] Waterloo Station d [ ] Downing Street
2 Dr Mortimer reads out a letter about the evil Sir HugoBaskerville who _____.
a [ ] lived in 1240 b [ ] lived in 1440 c [ ] lived in 1640 d [ ] lived in 1840
3 Baskerville Hall is in the county of _____.
a [ ] Devonshire b [ ] Yorkshire c [ ] Wiltshire d [ ] Gloucestershire
4 Baskerville Hall is _____ building.
a [ ] a large, beautiful b [ ] an ugly, modern
c [ ] a small, pretty d [ ] a dark, unwelcoming
5Baskerville Hall is near a _____.
a [ ] dark, lonely forest b [ ] long, sandy beach
c [ ] wild, dangerous moor d [ ] deep, wide river
6 Sir Charles died _____ of Baskerville Hall.
a [ ] in the garden b [ ] on the steps c [ ] in the library d [ ] in the kitchen
7 Watson goes to talk to Laura Lyons at _____.
a [ ] Baskerville Hall b [ ] her house in Newton
c [] her father’s house d [ ] Stapleton’s house
8 Stapleton had a _____ in the north of England.
a [ ] shop b [ ] hotel c [ ] school d [ ] restaurant
9 Roger Baskerville, who was Stapleton’s father, ran away to _____.
a [ ] South America b [ ] South Africa c [ ] the South of France d [ ] South China
10 Sir Henry goes to have dinner at _____ and then starts to...
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