The house on mango street - esperanza's sexual maturation

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The friendships that Esperanza chooses to cultivate over the course of a year reflect each reflect her developing identity as a sexual being.
As a newcomer on Mango Street, Esperanza befriends Lucyand Rachel—two Mexican-American sisters who live across the street from her. The nature of Esperanza’s relationship with Lucy and Rachel—which is wholesome because of its innocence—demonstrates howsexually mature Esperanza is. The three friends spend their time together partaking in activities that are significantly void of any sexual influences or references. For example, Esperanza, Lucy, andRachel share a bicycle that is a form of entertainment and joy for them as they “[laugh] the crooked ride back” (16). In addition, the three girls spend time looking at the clouds and eagerlydiscussing them. These activities are notable because of the lack of sexual interference. As time progresses, however, the trio begins to take notice of their inherent sexuality. “We have legs… legs, allour own, good to look at, and long” (40). Esperanza surprises herself with the realization that she is a sexual being, “it is scary to look down at your foot that is no longer yours and see attachedto a long long leg” (40). Esperanza transitions from viewing her legs as a means to physically move about, to regarding them as proof of her sexuality. Rachel and Lucy mature similarly to Esperanza,and soon the friendship that the three share begins to include playful explorations of their sexuality, which can been seen in their adventures with high-heeled shoes and discussion about the value ofhips. Despite these explorations of their sexuality, actual interaction with the opposite sex quickly renders them “tired of being beautiful”, which is synonymous with sexual immaturity.
Within thesame year, Esperanza comes to choose a more sexually mature friend, Sally. Esperanza diverts her attention away from Rachel and Lucy and looks to build a relationship with Sally who, even though...
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