The human body

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I have green eyes. You have blue eyes. He has a big nose.
She has beautiful lips. We have dark hair. You have blond hair.
They have curly hair. Mary haslong legs. John is very thing.
Emily prefers blond hair. Peter likes brown eyes. James doesn´t have a big nose.
Robert has a small nose. George doesn´t prefer rough and chic.
• Do you have green eyes? Yes, I do. I have green eyes.
• Does she have beautiful lips? Yes she does, she has a beautiful lips.
• Does he have a big nose? No he doesn´t, he has asmall nose.
• Do they have a straight hair? No they don´t, they have curly hair.
• Who has blue eyes? Mary does, she has blue eyes.
• Who likes stark hair and brown eyes? Peter does, he likes starkhair and brown eyes.
• Does John have small nose? No he doesn´t, he doesn´t have small nose.
• Does Emily prefer long hair? Yes she does, she prefers long straight hair.
• Who prefer blue eyes?George does, but his girl friend has brown eyes.

It is Sunday afternoon, Mary and John are sitting in a sofa in the lounge of the hotel John is reading a news paper Mary rubsher hands into her hair do you still have a headache Mary? Yes I do, my head still hurts Do you want an aspirin? Yes I do, but we don´t have any. It´s a lovely afternoon let´s go for a walk, that willhelp your headache and we can past by a drugstore and buy some aspirin I need some sheaves cream too , good idea let´s go right away, the couple get out of the hotel, they see a drugstore acrossthe street Mary goes into the store John waits outside Mary buys a bottle of aspirin sheaves cream and some tooth paste she goes out of the store and join her husband they decide go to the centralpark let´s walk into the park, yes, good idea we lucky on Sunday afternoon it´s very quiet and there are to many people in the park it´s nice walk into the grass too, look can you see the birds on...