The implications of styles in learning english process as second language.

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The Implications of Styles in Learning English process as Second Language.

The process of learning a second language is very complete because people have a lot of different styles and processes; and those have an important impact on learners and their process as well. Style is defined by Styles and Strategies Chapter 5 like “term that refers to consistent and ratherenduring tendencies or preferences within and individual”. It means that every person has a different style and process that made them learn one item in differently. Somebody can be visually oriented, tolerant and ambiguity, or reflected that are some different styles; those are styles that show the differences of the cognitive process on learners; and this makes us different from someone else.Those are the reasons why the different styles have different implications in the learning English process as second language.
First there is the tolerant and ambiguity. The tolerant and ambiguity style refers to the not frustration when you face unfortunate circumstances into the learning process. Then there is the reflective style that is part of tolerant and ambiguity, this style shows theexercise of patience and not gives a conclusion about a situation. Finally there is the style of field independent, this focuses on the necessary and relevant details and not be distracted by surrounding but irrelevant details; all these little definitions are given in Styles and Strategies chapter 5. Theses styles have very powerful connection between personality and cognition because learnershave them and express them differently; both are connected at the same time to the educational context due to the fact that learners made their proper election of style. It means that every person and their personality have different implications on the learning process because they learn in their own way; it is a process that concerned learners and professors and it has relevant factors like theaffective, cognitive and physiological.
All of these are indicators of how learners perceive, interact and respond to the learning ambience. The different styles go between emotion and cognition, all of these deals with the person as a whole and their environment. Also, the personality has impact in learners and their process because the personality is reflective and impulsive; both come fromthe emotional impulse give by the learner when they face the acquisition of a second language. It means that people manifest their emotions when they are learning, in most of the cases, people feel happy or unhappy with the items they are learning. According with this, people are propulsive to one or other; and it just depends on the kind of environment they have, there are good and bad environment.On the other hand there are people who is bicognitive it is manipulated both styles; and they can be intelligent and successful because this manipulation gives them a lot of new possibilities regardless with the learning process; all of this in agreement with Styles and Strategies Chapter 5.
Second, there is another style called field independence and this deals with the different abilities foracquired a second language. In most of the cases this has two views; the independence and the dependence. First, the independence person has the “ability to perceive a particular, relevant item of factor in a “field” of distracting items” (styles and strategies chapter 5). This is like be more perceptual and has an abstract view of the items they are learning. Besides, this kind of personperceives specific and significant ideas or item from one general one idea. The dependence person depends on the whole idea of the item or topic they are developing in their process; he or she needs the general idea for having a clear perception of it. The implications are for independence ones, they would be competitive independent and self confident and those aspects made that a person acquired a...
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