The importance of the african slaves in the most popular music of the twenty-first century: rock & roll (summary)

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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2011
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The Importance of the African Slaves in the most popular music of the twenty-first century: Rock & Roll
(REMEMBER: this is just a SUMMERY)

I’m here to talk about the roots of rock n roll.Everybody knows Elvis Presley, or The Beatles, or The Rolling Stones stories, or at least part of them, but just some people really care about what was before the appearance of the so called “King of rockand roll” Elvis Presley, and I’m one of those… So, what was before that? The Black Music!!!
First I’m going to make a summery of rock n roll, and then talk about THE ROOTS OF ROCK AND ROLL (it is theAfrican immigrants)

The slaves' music
The period 1600-1850 was a time of stave trading and traffic. Thousands of West-Africans were stowed on -board cargo ships, and transported to the “NewWorld”. The slaves were taken to areas in America where there was an urgent need for manpower; the areas with huge plantations. The U.S. slavery was repealed in 1865. So, during these years, more than tenmillion people were transported from Africa to America. Being slaves did not change the core of their culture, thus their music tradition kept on.

Most of the slaves came from these three areas inAfrica:
I. The West-African savannah - from Guinea to the Senegal coast. This area was strongly influenced by Islam and its culture.
Which Music consisted in:
*Ornamented songs*Long melody lines
*Many stringed instruments.

II. The rainforest area on the West coast Ghana, Nigeria and Dahomey (Now called Republic of Benin)
Which Music consisted in:
*Big strikingmechanisms
*Complicated rhythmics.

III. The Kongo - Angola – area, where The Portuguese and Spanish colonies often got their slaves from here.
Which Music consisted in:
*Mostly polyphonic songs withsung or spoken dialogue.

Arriving to The New World (USA)

When the Africans arrived, they had to adapt themselves to a new and foreign culture.
They lived under different circumstances, all...
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